Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ed’s Word: Number: 9 January 3, 2010

  1.  The father of Northwestern’s Wrestling Coach Tim Cysewski has passed away.  I believe his name was Dan.  Tim’s address is  1 Londonderry   Lincolnshire, Il 60069.

  2.  Hall of Famer Billy Marquardt has had a successful coronary artery operation and is resting nicely.  His address is k 1203 Treesdale Lane    Bloomington, Il   61704.
  3.  The 7th Annual Midwest Nationals, sponsored by the US Army will be held on July 10, 2010 at the Shirk Center of Illinois Wesleyan, Bloomington, Illinois.  This is a great opportunity for those wrestlers who do not make any of the national teams to continue their season a little longer.  Last year 2009 we had over 900 entries, from 11 different states.   Divisions are from lst grade to college/open – block weights.  Information -     Ed
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Ed’s Word: Number: 8 January 2, 2010

  1.  Happier New Year to all.  Hope all of your wishes and dreams are fulfilled.

  2.  I know that you can get all of the results from Ilinois matman, but it looks like – Oak Park, Plainfield Central ; Lockport;  Edwardsville are teams to look at in division 3;  Montini; Yorkville, Crystal Lake Central and Marmion are tough in Division 2.
  3.  Montini placed 4th in the Cheesehead in Wisconsin.  Plainfield Central was 6th, Lockport 7th, Yorkville 12th and New Trier 22nd in this historic 25 team event.  It was won by Applevalley. Minnesota and 2nd was Brandon, Florida.
  4.  John Dergo placed 2nd for Illinois at the Las Vegas Open.  The Northern Iowa Open was cancelled due to surface replacement in the dome.  It will go again next year.
  5.  Oak Park was 2nd in the Granite City Open behind a Kansas team – Granite City was 4th.
  6.  Ali Regan – Granite City has won 100 matches in her career.  She is now a senior at 125 pounds.  Only Mary Kelly of Mahomet and Caitlyn Chase of Glenbard North  and Ali  have made the Championship tournament in Champaign.  None have placed, but Mary was on the 3rd Place Dual Meet team.
  7.  The 2010 Hall of Fame Class in Stillwater, Oklahoma on June 4-5 will include:  Dr. Bernard Feldman of Palos Park, who will receive the Order of Merit.  He has served on the USA National and International Teams as Team Physcian since 1983, includding 5 Olympic Games.  Congratulations Doctor.
  8.  Tim Fader, head coach at UW-Whitewater has reached the 150 win plateau.
  9.  Top colleges in the win column are:  1.  Oklahoma State with 978;  2.  Iowa State with 971;  Oregon State: 932;  Springfield College:  913;  Iowa U>:  854;  Minnesota:  851;  Navy:  834 and Lehigh: 808.
10.  Nathan Everhart – Tinley Park and Indiana U. Won the 285 class at the Southern Scuffle.
11.  Mike Benefiel – Montini and Oklahoma State was named OW at the Reno Open.  He won at 184 – Team Title to Oklahoma State.
12.  Iowa U. won the 47th Midlands Title for the third time in a row with Iowa State 2nd, followed by Central Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin.  Placewinners from Illinois include:  Brandon Precin, unattached for Northwestern was 3rd at 125.  He is now 8213 in the Midlands;  Kyle Hutter – was 3rd at 133 for Old Dominion;  N;ick Fanthorpe was 5th for Iowa State at 133.  Nick is now 2225 in the Midlands;  Jimmy Kennedy – Unattached for Illinois was 2nd at 141.  He is now 2432 in the Midlands;  Ryan Prater was 5th for Illinois at 141;  Duke Burke was 6th at 174 for Iowa State;  John Dergo was Champion at 184 for Illinois.  John is now 6681 at the Midlands;  Jerome Ward was 7th at 184 for Iowa State.  He is now 87 in the Midlands.  Illinois had 8 placewinners with 1 Champion.
13.  Iowa and Pennsylvania each had 11 natives placing in the Midlands and each had two champions.  Illinois was third with 8-1;  Michigan was 7-2, New Jersey 7-0;  Missouri 5-0; California 4-l;  Wisconsin, New York, Oregon and Utah were all 3-0 and Colorado was 2-1.  11 States were 1-0.
14.  The fastes fall went to Nate Moore of Iowa at 133;  The most falls went to Ryan Maio of  Williams College at 197;  The Highest points scored – 32 by Brent Metcalf of Iowa t 149;  Champion of Champions went to Steve Fittery of American University at 157 and the Dan Gable OW to Brent Metcalf of Iowa at 149. 
15.  The Midlands was well run, well officiated – all in all an excellent tournament.  It had 378 entries.  Too bad some of the closer teams opted out for the Southern scuffle, but that is always going to be a problem. Anyway there were some great matches,  a few upsets, if you want to call them upsets.
16.  The following men will be the recipients of Awards in 2010.  Grand Marshals at the State Tournament will be:  Dave Mathews – Hinsdale Central;  Dennis McCann – Gordon Tech and Maine South;  Rich Montgomery – Sterling Newman and Rock Falls and James Patton – Woodstock.   The Life Time Achievement Awards will go to:  Bernie Botheroyd of Glenbard West;  Mark Johnson, University of Illinois;  Pat O’Connor – Glassford-Illini Bluffs;  Henry Pillard – Joliet Junior College;  Walter Sherman – Glenbrook SouthRobert Strange – Lawrenceville and William Young – Naperville Central.   The New Hall of Fame Inductees will include:  Fred Arkin – Oak Park;  Dan Carroll – St. Rita;  James Chalupka – Chicago;  Terry Clarke – York;  Ron Coit – Farmer City;  Bob Grizzi – Reavis;  Marty Kaiser – Rockton-Hononegah;  Robert Long – Yorkville;  Foster McCarthy – Champaign Central;  Tom Seeman – Crystal Lake Central;  Jeff Simon – Peoria Richwoods;  Dr. Wayne Watson – Chicago and Neil Weiner – Wheeling.  Congratulations to All.
Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
This is an age in which one cannot find common sense without a search warrant.
You can’t be overbooked, only under-read.
Tranquility is like quicksilver.  The harder yoiu grab for it, the less likely you will grasp it.
Christmas is the season when people run out of money before they run out of friends.     Ed
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Ed’s Word: Number: 7 December 16. 2009

 Ed’s Word:  Number:  7            December 16.  2009

  1.  Have some early recruiting news:  Taylor Schuck – Burlington Central to Central Michigan.  Mike Curby, nephew of Dave from Michigan is going to Eastern Michigan.  Illinois gets Jamie Clark from Ohio, Jed Lightfoot – Yorkville, and Jackson Morse – Michigan.  Nick Proctor of Neuqua Valley goes to Michigan State.  Nick and Chris Dardanes – Oak Park go to Minnesota.  No other Big l0 schools get Illinois kids at this point in time.  Matt Dwyer – Rockton-Hononegah to Nebraska.  Ryne Harris – Belleville Althoff to Nebraska and Keith Surber of O’Fallon goes to Nebraska.  No others to Big l2 schools.  Ben Brooks of Oak Park goes to North Carolina.  Northern Illinois gets Shawn Fayette from Ohio and Donny Simpson from Romeoville. Northwestern gets Kaleb Friedley from Missouri, Pat Greco – Marmion Academy, Pierce Harper – Ohio, Mike McMullan – Pennsylvania, Lee Munster – Grant, Alex Polizzi – Wisconsin and Colin Shober – Pennsylvania.  Dan Santoro – Barrington goes to Princeton,  Matt Cavallsaris – Neuqua Valley goes to Wisconsin. 
  2.  North Central is ranked 9th in Division 3,  Elmhurst is ranked 13th.  McKendree is ranked 6th in the NAIA.  Illinois is 17th in Division I and Lincoln is 8th in NJC scholarship schools, while Harper is 4th in NJC Non-scholarship schools.
  3.  Word has been received that long time trainer for the State Finals – Bob Nicolette has passed away.  I did not receive any other information.
  4.  Results of the All Star Meet held at Fullerton State in California – had Daniel Dennis of Grant and Iowa U. defeating Steve Bell of Maryland 9-8 and Steve Dwyer of Rockton-Hononegah and Nebraska defeating Chris Henrich of Virginia 7-6.  No other Illini involved.
  5.  The NCAA now employs a power index in Division I, based on ranked individuals and potential all americans.  The rankings:  1.  Iowa U.  2.  Iowa State  3.  Minnesota  4.  Cornell  4.  Nebraska  6.  Boise State  7.  Central Michigan  8.  Ohio State  9.  Missouri  10.  Oklahoma State  11.  Navy  12.  Oklahoma U.  13.  Arizona State  14.  Penn State  15.  Wyoming.  Other rankings:  18.  Indiana  20.  Michigan State  22.  Wisconsin  38.  Purdue  40.  Illinois  48.  Northwestern  49.  Michigan U.  42.  Northern Illinois.  This is based on 55 schools. 
  6.  Results of Tournaments:  Eastern Michigan Open:  125 – lst – Brandon Precin UNA  133 – 2nd – Pat McCaffrey – Navy  149 – 3rd – Nick Bertucci – Purdue  4th – Anddrew Nadhir – Northwestern.  157 – 5th – Dominic Marella – Northwestern.  184 – 3 – Tony Dallago – Illinois, 6th – Aaaron Jones – Northwestern.  197 – 5th – Marty Smith – Illinois.     Navy Classic:  HWT – lst – Daniel Bruce – Virginia Tech.     Michigan State Open:  125 – 2 – Izzy Montemayor – Northern Illinois  133 – 2 – Triston DeShazer – Northern Illinois  141 – lst – Pat McLemore – Northern Illinois,  3rd – Danny Monaco – Indiana  149 – lst – Steve Zimmerman – Northern Illinois, 3rd – Dan Ruettiger – Northern Illinois  157 – 2nd – Brian Deutsch – Northern Illinois  197 – 4 – Scott Penny – Northern Illinois  HWT – lst – Nathan Everhart – Indiana, 3rd – Joe Fagiano – UNA.   Central Missouri Open:  149 – lst – Albert White – Oklahoma State  174 – 2nd – Mike Benefiel – Oklahoma State.     Missouri Open:   125 – lst – Brandon Precin – UNA, 3rd – Jon Morrison -0klahoma State, 5th – Ssam White – Illinois UNA  133 – 6th – Eric Ellington – Rend Lake  149 – 3rd – Nick Bertucci – Purdue  174 – 5th – Andrew Cheesman – McKendree.     Kaufman-Band Open:  133 – lst – Kyle Hutter – Old Dominion  149 – 6 – Justin Hale – Iowa State  157 – 4th – Brett Robbins – Northern Iowa.  Additional placers at Central Missouri:  133 – 4  – Wade Lowe – McKendree 174 – 4 – Aaron Winning – McKendree.   Iowa State Open:  l57 – 2 – Brett Robbins – Northern Iowa  174 – lst – Duke Burk – Iowa State,  2nd – Chris Spangler – Iowa State,  4th – Jaames Nakashima – Nebraska  184 – 2nd – Jerome Ward – Iowa State.           Stevens Point:  157 – lst – P>J. Starnes – Harper.   Oklahoma City Open:  149 – lst – Albert White – Oklahoma State  174 – lst – Mike Benefiel – Oklahoma State.  Lindenwood Open:  133 – lst – Ray Stephens UNA, 2nd – Daryl Thomas – Illinois  149 – lst – Eric Terazzas – Illinois (has since broken his foot), 2nd – Vince Hamman – Lindenwood 165 – 2nd – Joe Barczak – Illinois  174 – lst – Jordan Blanton – Illinoisi,  2nd – Aaron Winning – McKendree 184 – 1st – John Dergo – Illinois  197 – 1st – Pat Bond – Illinois, 2nd – Andrew Sanchez – McKendree   125 – 3 – B.J. Futrell  133 – 4 – Brendan Murphy – SUI-Edwardsville  157 – 3 – Clint Arlis – Illinois, 4th – Kyle Dooley – Illinois  l74 – 4th – Kyle Hanmmer – McKendree  184 – 3rd – Kyle Reid – McKendree.  Sunkist Open GR  132 – lst – Joe Betterman, 3rd – Ellis Coleman  l45 – Jake Curby  163 – 4 – Jonathan Drendel  185 – 4 – Nathan Patrick  264 – 2nd  – Peter Kowarczuk.   Free Style – 135 – 5th – Mark McKnight – Wildcat club, 6th – Sam White – Illinois  163 – lst – Mike Poeta.  Women:  105 – 6th – Caitlyn Chase – Missouri Baptist.
  7.  Tim Cysewski is stepping down as head coach at Northwestern after 20 years .  Tim assisted for 8 years before becoming head.  He will become the number 1 assistant in the new arrangement.  Drew Pariano will take over the head spot. 
  8.  Tom LeCuyer has won the World Team Trials in Florida at 145.
  9.  Montini placed 10th at the Iron Man Tournament and Mt. Carmel 13th.  Kevin Powell and Steve Robertson, both of Montini placed 6th at their weights.
10.  Some college scores:  Eastern Michigan 37 – SUI Edwardsville 6;  Illinois 46 – Findlay 3, Illinois 28 – McKendree 16;  Indiana 50 SUI-Edwardsville 0;  Findlay 21 – McKendree 19;  Northern Illinois 23 – North Dakota State 16,  Northern Illinois 41 – Moorhead State 9;  Oregon State 36 – Northern Illinois 6′;  North Central 19 – St. John’s 16;  North Central 37 UWEauclaire 6; UWStevens Point 21 North Central 12;  Knox 27 – Wheaton 22;  Northern Illinois 24 – Northwestern 13;  Elmhurst 32 U. of Chicago 10;  North Central 37 – Augustana 3;  Elmhurst 38 – Augustana 3.   Other noteables:  Iowa beat Northern Iowa 48-3 with Christian Brantley being the only winner for UNI.  Iowa beat Iowa State 18-16.  Dan Dennis – Iowa beat Nick Fanthorpe – Iowa State 10-8 in OT.  Jerome Ward – Iowa State beat Keddy – Iowa 6-3 and Duke Burk – Iowa State lost to Borschel of Iowa.    Oklahoma State beat Minnesota 21-8  – White not first string.  There were 11,137 paid admissions at the Iowa-Iowa State meet.
11.  Best weekly ran these, but just in case you didn’t get the release – here are some tournaments:  Wheeling:  l.  Carl Sandburg  2.  Marmion Academy  3.  Wheeling.   Hoffman Estates:  1.  Libertyville  2.  Naperville Central  2.  Lincolnway Central.  Prospect:  1.  Barrington  2.  Moline  3.  York.  Downers Grove South:  1.  Batavia  2.  Hinsdale Central  3.  Downers Grove North.  Buffalo Grove:  1.  Mundelein Carmel  2.  Brother Rice  3.  Buffalo Grove.  Pontiac:  1.  Lincolway West  2.  Mount Zion  3.  Morton of Cicero.  Sterling:  1.  Prairie Ridge  2.  Sterling  3.  Burlington Central.  Jerseyville:  1.  Springfield Senior;  2.  Jerseyville  3.  Carmi.  Petersburg-Porta:  1.  Petersburg  2.  Prairie Central  3.  Shelbyville.  Plano:  1.  Reed-Custer  2.  Wilmington  3.  Gibson City.  Port Byron:  1.  Erie  2.  Columbus Jct, Iowa  3.  Aledo.  Seneca:  1.  Seneca .   Morrison:  1.  Pleasant Valley, Iowa  2.  Ashton-Franklin  3.  Fulton.  Walther Lutheran:  1.  Proviso West  2.  Birmingham, Michigan  3.  Seaholm, Michigan.    
12.  I have not been able to find out the results of the Las Vegas tournament or the Northern Iowa Tournament.  Did they cancel them?
13.  Don’t forget the Midlands on the 29th and 30th.
It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.
Gossip is just news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.
To persevere is always a reflection of the state of one’s inner life, one’s philosophy and one’s perspective.
Often the best thing about not saying anything is that it can’t be repeated.
It’s past time to go when you start asking yourself if its time to go.     Ed
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ed’s Word #4

The missing Ed’s Word #4 can be downloaded here.

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Ed’s Word: Number: 6 December 2, 2009

Ed’s Word:   Number:  6            December 2, 2009
1.  Christmas is just around the corner, so I thought I would get this information out before that big event. There has not been a lot of Wrestling news of late, other than scores  and what I am about to relate.  Notice – I said Christmas  – not the holidays.
2.  The new inductees into the IWCOA Hall of fame have been made for 2010, and along with the Grand Marshals and Life Time Achievement awards will be made known to you, as soon as the recipients have been notified.  With that in mind – If you have someone you feel deserving of any of these awards, please make a nomination in their behalf and send to Joe Cliffe at Prairie Central High School so they can be included on the 2011 ballot.
3.  Deerfield has established a Hall of Fame and have included:  Tom Halford;  Dan Sherman and Al Cohen.
4.  Dekalb just had their Hall of Fame banquet and inducted:  Dan Cliffe (as a coach);  Gordon Roach;  James DaytonRich Olson;  Mike Pelikan;  Trent Taylor;  Gary Wallin and Terry McCoy.  Dekalb does this every two years.
5.  Herb House, former all state from Conant is now the Head Coach of the Colorado Federationl
6.  Hall of Famer Jack Stoudt of Pekin has fallen and broken his shoulder.  Hope he recovers soon.
7.  Dan Carroll, who retired from St. Rita after a lot of success, is now helping out at Kelly in the city.
8.  Hall of Famer Ron Oglesby is now assisting at Brother Rice.
9.  Terry McCoy is also in the Peoria Woodruff Hall of Fame.
10.  I would like to have you, a reader, let me know who is in your high school hall of fame – wrestlers only.
11.  Oklahoma U. and Oklahoma State tied 16 – 16 in their bedlam series.  neither Albert White or Mike Benefiel was in the OSU line up.  White had won the Missouri Open, although he may have been unattached..
12.  Plainfield Central Won the Barrington tournament, followed by Neuqua Valley, Libertyville, Grant and Lyons.  Glenbard East Won the Wheaton-Warrenville South Tournament, followed by Deerfield, Joliet, Hinsdale South and West Aurora.  Marmion Academy Won the Conant Tournament, followed by Oak Park, Providence, Schaumberg and Glenbard North.  I do not know of any other tournaments this past weekend.  There were some excellent performances, but one has to remember that some of the schools were very short handed, due to the football championship games.
13.  The Haparanda Cup in GR in Sweden had Jake Curby winning the Bronze;  Joe Betterman,  Chad Vandiver and Peter Kowalczuk did not place.
14.  Jimmy Chase of Glenbard North is starting as a true freshman for Binghamton State.  Conor Beebe is starting for Central Michigan and Kyle Hutter of Providence is starting for Old Dominion.  Beebe is from Montini.  Dan Dennis is starting for Iowa;  Nick Fanthorpe of Naperville North is questionable for Iowa State this weekend against Iowa.
15.  Some college scores:  Northern Illinois 19 – Chatanooga 16;  Northern Illinois 9 Indiana 27;  Northern Illinois 17 Liberty 19;  Northern Illinois 32 South Dakota State 15;  Northern Illinois 51 Cumberland 0.  Augustana 8 Cornell College 36;  Augustana 3 North Carolina-Pembrooke 48.  U. of Chicago 28 Calumet 15;  U. of Chicago 16 – UW-Whitewater 26.
16.  Don’t forget the Midlands on Tuesday and Wednesday – December 29 and 30.  Great event.
A loud voice cannot compete with a clear voice, even if it’s a whisper.
Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.
Money was invented so we could know exactly how much we owe.
Good history is a question of survival.  Without any past, we will deprive ourselves of the defining impression of our being.
Human instincts are hard-wired programming.
We do have a zeal for laughter in most situations, give or take a dentist..    Ed

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 5 November 27, 2009

Ed’s Word:  Number:   5                    November 27, 2009
1.  Some sad news to report:  Donna Turner, wife of Hall of Famer James Turner has passed away.  Her funeral will be on Saturday the 28th in Marion.  Jim’s address is:  11956 Norman Rd – Marion, Il 62959 Our sypathies to Jim and his family.
2.  I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving with your families yesterday, I know I did.  Prayers go out to those in the Military who could not be with loved ones and are in harms way.  It is not easy to be away from family at this time of the year.  In this area, many organizations and private citizens opened their facilities to veteran’s and to men and women at Great Lakes Naval Training Station.  Loads of thanks to them.
3.  Hall of Famer Matt Lackey – all state from Moline – All American at Illinois has joined the Staff at Lock Haven University as an Assistant Coach.  Come home when you can Matt.
4.  Sunday, a committee of 20 to 25 will select the 2010 Hall of Fame inductees, based on your nominations and those that have been carried over.  So remember your nominations are looked at and acted upon, of course nominations now would not be considered until next year.  Also at this meeting the Grand Marshals will be selected and the Lifetime Achievement awards named.  All of the rewardees will be named at a later date and actual inductions will be held in April.
5.  Results of the Nebraska open -  157 – Brett Robbins – 4th for Northern Iowa.
6.  Finnish Open in GR Jacob Curby – did not place;  Peter Kowalczuk – Did not place;  Chad Vandiver placed 5th and Joe Betterman won the Bronze.  The United States was 2nd.
7.  Results of the Concordia Open:  133 – 3rd – Jake Denhoff – Elmhurst;  4th – Nathan Fitzenreider – North Central;  5th – Jake Oster – Elmhurst;  6th – John Starzyk – North Central.  141 – 2nd – Austin Bautista – UW-Whitewater;  5th – Andrew Zobac – North Central;  157 – Champion – Charles Curran – Elmhurst;  5th – Dan Hamilton – Elmhurst;  6th – Jesse Milks – UW-Platteville.  165 – 2nd – Vinny Alber – UW-Platteville.  197 – lst – Troy Carlson – U. of Chicago.  HWT – lst – Mark Corsello – Elmhurst.
8.  Some college scores:  SIUEdwardsville lost to Coe 3-44,  Cornell College 9 – 3l, Iowa Lakes 9 – 33 and the U. of Iowa 0-51.  North Central beat the U. of Chicago 20-15;  Northwestern tied Eastern Michigan 18-18;  Illinois beat Davidson 47-0,  West Virginia 23-15 and lost to Pittsburgh 15-18.
9.  In the Super 32 Challenge in October – Ben Whitford of Marmion was 4th at 119;  Keith Surber of O”Fallon was 4th at 130 and Ben Brooks of Oak Park was 6th at 189.
10.  Best Weekly has ranked the wrestlers and the teams – I repeat the top 10 teams:  Class AAA  l.  Minooka,  2.  Plainfield Central, 3.  Providence,  4.  Lockport,  5.  Edwardsville,  6.  Mt. Carmel,  7.  Oak Park,  8.  Neuqua Valley,  9.  Grant,  10.  Glenbard North.  Class AA:  1.  Montini,  2.  Crystal Lake Central,  3.  Marmion 4.  Yorkville  5.  Troy-Triad  6.  Champaign Central,  7.  Springfield 8.  Lemont  9.  Burlington Central  10.  Mahomet-Seymour.   Class A:  1.  Wilmington 2.  Petersburg-Porta  3.  Sterling Newman  4.  Camp Point Central 5.  Reed-Custer  6.  Stillman Valley  7.  Harvard 8.  Gibson City 9.  Prairie Central  10.  Benton.      Some of these schools are in the State Finals in football, so their results will be difficult to assess for a couple of weeks.
11.  Don’t forget the Midlands on the 29th and 30th – Goning to be better than ever.
12.  Tournaments this weekend will include  Conant,  Barrington and Wheaton South in the North.
The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
An act of justice closes sthe book on a misdeed; an act of vengeance writes one of its own.
A man of genius makes no mistakes.  His errors are the portals of discovery.
True power is knowing that you can, but yoiu don’t.
The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.     Ed

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 3 October 29, 2009

 Ed’s  Word:     Number:      3        October 29, 2009

  1.  The National Hall of Fame – Lifetime Service – Illinois Chapter was once again a huge success.  There were about 190 people in attendance, including the recipients and their guests.  All of the Awardees spoke and gave a good account of themselves. 
  2.  Kudos to George Dyche as he headed the committees involved with the Banquet.  He was ably aided by Larry Gassen and Mike Manahan.  Mike did all of the leg work in Bloomington.  Through their efforts and a few others, everything went very smoothly.  George also put together a video presentation of previous winners of this award and Randy Konstans did the showing of fit.
  3.  The Awardees, in case you missed the names before, were:  Medal of Courage to Greg Gardner of Springfield SE ;  Outstanding Americans:  Admiral Richard Mies of Lane Tech and Dr. Richard Manahan of Bloomington;  Lifetime Achievement:  Dr. Vern “Art”  Adams;  of Normal;  Ray Cummings of Tolona;  Renny Garshelis of Charleston;  Ed Luety of Melrose Park;  Pat O’Connor of Glasford and Robert Strange of Lawrenceville.  Pat could not attend, but two of his sons stepped in for him.  Pat is recovering from an illness at home.
  4.  We had some noteable absentees this year – all recovering from some medical difficulties:  Ken Kraft, who has chaired this event for years has been hospitalized;  Jim Gardner, recovering at home;  as is Sam Samorian and Gene Swierczewski.  Our prayers are extended to this group for a fast recovery.  Anyone need their address – contact me.
  5.  Sandy Stevens did a great job emceeing this event – brought a little color to this event as only a woman can do.  Thank you Sandy.
  6.  Bob Strange and Red Schmitt were both in the State Tournament at the same time in 1939 – About the only time that has happened at this event at least that far back.
  7. Walter Sherman was in Iowa the weekend of the 17th, being inducted into the University of Northern Iowa Hall of Fame as a member of the National Champion 1950 Team.  Congratulations to Walter.  Sandy Stevens also emceed that program, which had an overflowing crowd.
  8.  Dennis Hastert was also in Iowa over the 17th, as he was honored by the Dan Gable Wrestling Museum with Sport of Lincoln Award.
  9,  Some sad news to report:  Vikki Zimmerman, wife of Mike who is the defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals has passed away.  Mike is the son of Hall of Famer Bill Zimmer, formerly of Lockport.
10,  Results of the Sunkist Tournamnent:  Greco:  132 – lst – Joe Betterman;  3rd – Ellis Coleman;  6th =- Chad Vandiver;  145 – lst – Jacob Curby;  163 – 4th – Jonathan Drendel;  185 – 4th – Nathan Patrick;  264 – 2nd – Peter Kowolczak.        Women:  105 – 6th – Caitlyn Chase.
Coaches and Officials – Be sure to check and attend the rules clinics.
Season finally starts on the 9th – let the festivities begin.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 2 October 5, 2009

1. Sad to report that Dan Kraft has passed away at the age of 63. Dan Wrestled at Sterling High School where he took Second in the State at HWT in 1964. He then enrolled at Northwestern University where he became the second brother to wrestle for Head Coach Ken Kraft, his older brother Art was the first. While at Northwestern he placed Fourth in the Big 10 at HWT in 1968. Following graduation he moved to Florida where he was involved with the Florida Free Style team for a number of years. Funeral plans are TBA at this writing, but condolances may be sent to Ken at: 2757 Meadowlark Lane, Evanston, Illinois 60201-4937. Dan’s high school coach was deceased hall of famer Carson DeJarnatt.

2. I have also learned that Hall of Famer Al Hanke, former coach at Elmhurst has passed away, but No confirmation has been received.

3. I am recovering from complete knee replacement at this point in time. I seem to be getting better.

4. Hope to see you at the National Hall of Fame -Illinois Chapter Banquet on Sunday, October 25th at 4 pm


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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 1 September 1, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 1 September 1, 2009

1. Just a couple of items to start off the new school year. I will be out of commission for about 3 weeks, so I have to put a hold on any more news letters.

2. Billy H. Malone Jr has passed away in Aurora. He was the Head Coach of the Tom Cat Wrestling Club in Aurora.

3. For you old timers: Marvin Hess, former coach at Utah University has passed away at the age of 83. He retired a number of years ago and when he did, the University dropped the program. He was seen at all of the NCAA Meets until recently. He was always in charge of selling the t-shirts.

4. Highly respected official Mike Allen has retired completely from officiating. He had already retired from teaching. He is almost 60 years old and needs to spend more time with his family. He has had 23 division I tournaments and more than that at the Midlands, plus all of the rest – the list is quite impressive.

5. Kurt Angle – Clarion State – National Champion and an Olympic Champion who is now a pro wrestler was arrested on charges of possessing a human growth hormone and violating an order of protection in Pittsburgh on August 15th – No follow up news.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 20 August 17, 2009

Ed’s Word: Number: 20 August 17, 2009.

1. For those of you who keep track of these reports by the number – this is the last issue for this year. The next Ed’s Word will be number 1. It will be a little late coming out as I will be having knee replacement on the 2nd of September.
2. If you haven’t already done so, check out the rules interpretation methods for this year. They are on the IHSA websidte.
3. As a result of tournaments, their placings, etc., USA Wrestling gave out points for the entire season and thus were able to rank all wrestlers. Illinois Wrestlers in the rankings include: Cadets had Nikosi Moody – Country Club Hills at 84; Zane Richards – Carbondale at 125 and Gabe Harrah – Crystal Lake Central at 215 all ranked on the First Team. Juniors are: 98 – 5th – Kevon Powell – Romeoville or Montini; 15th – Jake Miller of Taylor Ridge; 105 – 3rd – Devon Graville – Granite City, 8th – Eric English – Crystal Lake Central, 18th – Jake Bellis – Bloomington and 21st – Kevin Malarick – Hickory Hills. 112 – 10th – Matt Cavallaris. 119 – 24th – Nick Harrison – Stillman Valley. 130 – 4th – Nick Dardanes – Oak Park, 8th – Chris Dardanes – Oak Park, 16th – Colton Rasche – Montini. 140 – 16th – Joe Kielbasa – Crystal Lake Central, 17th – Joe Brewster – Maine South, 22nd – Alex Cizek – Naperville, 24th – Chris Gonzalez – Crete-Monee. 145 – lst – Josh Castellano – Fenton. 152 – 14th – Tyler Prozma – Granite City. 160 – 17th — Joe Moorhouse – Marengo, 20th – Ethan Ball – Aledo, 21st – Nick Proctor – Neuqua Valley, 24th – Justin Peele – Ringwood??. 171 – 3rd – Mark Sternberg – Lockport, 6th – Lee Munster – Grant, 9th – Josh Ronne – Libertyville. 189 – 4th – Ryan Garringer – Hinsdale South. 215 – 7th – Joe Rau – St. Patrick’s, 18th – Donald Howell – Oswego. 285 – 9th – Carey Gushleff – Granite Cityk, 10th – Scott Helton – York, 21st – Tim Zegas – Cary Grove.
4. Jimmy Chase – Glenbard North placed 5th in the Junior Worlds in Turkey, Max Nowry – Wheeling placed 6th and not placing was Peter Kowalczuk of Oak Park. They will be in Denmark next.
5. With successful colaboration with the Edwardsville school district and the SIU Edwardsville Wrestling Club a 24,000 square foot building has been erected. It will be dedicated to Jon Davis and will be known as the Jon Davis Wrestling Center. Jon was a long time teacher and IKWF leader in this area. He is in the Illinois Wrestling Coaches and Officials Hall of Fame. This center will be the home to Edwardsville High School, FS/GR club and Fellowship for Christian Athletes in this area. The bleachers will seat 850, will have a strength and conditioning room, locker rooms, concessions,. offices, conference rooms and auditorium, a sound system and screen. This center will also be used on a national scale. It was built entirely with private funds.
6. Illinois had representation at the Disney games in Florida. Winning Disney Gold in the Community division was David Devine and Seth Milks for Dakota and Jason Clearly for Illinois Top Dawgs. In the Team results – District Tournament – 8th place for Illinois Inferno and in Community 2 – 2nd was Dakota and 6th was Illinois Top Dawgs. I do not know where all the wrestlers came from, nor do I know which towns those teams represented, other than Dakota.
7. The University of Northern Iowa profiled Sandy Stevens in their news letter – had a lot of nice things to say about her as did Wrestling USA and W.I.N. which also profiled her.
8. I’m sorry to report that Dale Pierre’s mother was killed in a car accident in Green Bay, Wisconsin last week. Dale’s address is 1912 Huron St. Sturgeon Bay, Wi 54321.
9. Walt Sherman, IWCOA Hall of Famer will be inducted into the University of Northern Iowa Hall of Fame as a part of their 1950 NCAA Championship Team of which he was the starting l77 pounder. This will take place on October 17th as a part of their homecoming festivities.
10. The NCAA’s have been conducted since 1928, with the exception of the War years. The sites until recently were rotated from campus to campus and area to area, etc. The Schools that comprised the Big 10 at one time or another have held the following tournaments: Chicago University: 0; Illinois University 1940 and 1947; Indiana University: 1932; Iowa University: 1959, 1986, 1991, 1995 and 2001; Michigan State” 1942′ Michigan University: 1934 and 2007; Minnesota University: 1996; Northwestern University: 1970; Ohio State: 1929 and 1930; Penn State: 1938, 1953, 1968 and 1999; Purdue: 0; Wisconsin University: 0
Tournaments held in a Big 10 School State: Indiana: 2; Illinois: 3; Iowa: 14; Michigan: 3; Minnesota: 1; Ohio: 5; Pennsylvania: 11 and Wisconsin: 0

It is so much easier to extol the virtues of civility than to talk civilly about the virtues we need to uphold.
Even when hope and science fail us, art survives.
Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.
Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.
When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.
Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything.
Heroes come along when you need them.
No matter how many communes anybody invents, the family always creeps back.
A great many people mistake opinions for thoughts. See you. Ed

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